Numbers are a powerful tool to resolve critical business issues. Count on us to provide strategic solutions.

GBQ’s Specialty Tax Services can work with your business’ tax team to help identify qualifying savings and refund opportunities, as well as gauge the impact of deductions and credits.

Our international, federal, state and local experts work to take a proactive approach to assess your business’ compliance with the most recent laws and regulations. By implementing strategies to reduce the cost of doing business, we leave you in full compliance, with more cash savings. We break through any roadblocks with you, to ensure your business remains in compliance at all times.

Our specialty tax services include:

  • Accounting method reviews: inventory and capitalization expense acceleration and income deferral
  • Cost segregation
  • Federal tax services: manufacturing deduction, R&D credits, earnings and profits studies
  • Fixed assets
  • Meals and entertainment Studies
  • Tangible property regulations
  • Tax outsourcing
  • Tax accounting services: ASC 740 (fka FIN 48), FAS 109
  • Tax entity analysis: C-corporation vs. Pass-through entity